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| Heavy Composition in White | by 77 Stolen Fish Rules can feel like the bars that hold us prisoner, or the big arms that rock us to sleep. Arbitrary or profoundly meaningful, we need them, we seek them, we demand them. They can tie us down, snarled in “should”s and “must”s, or liberate us from the paralyzing weight of infinite possibility. With them we can hide or reveal, abuse or protect. They enable us to play together on this little plot of dirt. But how do we use them once we have them? “Heavy composition in white” is a game within a game within a game. It is as much a game between the performers, as one with the audience, as it is the game of performance itself. The “performers” act as “players” in an enlarged board game, moving in a line, with eyes closed, one over the other toward the end of the dirt path. The audience members are the “referees”, monitoring the players and enforcing the rules of the game. They can single- handedly determine the success or failure of the group by choosing to call out an error or not. This fundamentally changes the audience’s relationship to the performers – they can be the players’ protectors, fans, co-conspirators, judges or tattle-tails. In addition to acting as “neutral” referees at the start, audience members place a bet on the outcome of the game. It is as much social experiment as it is a dance piece. There is no acting , only an attempt to play the game until its end. Will we make it ? | Interpeteurs Andrea Krohn, Marielle Kleyn Winkel, Sebastián Collado, Katharina Schwärzer, Julia Metzger-Traber, Valeria Germain | Duration 90 minuten | Heavy Composition in White | Speelde in Mica Mocca, Fabrik Zirkonia , HAU 3 , Ballhaus Ost in Berlijn , Diskurs in Gießen en Alpsmove in Boozen.

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