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| KUBUS| Theatre for kids from 2 to 4 years old The world grows hand by hand.
Opens by going up en down and underneath.
Living is exploring touching. Theatermaker Babette Verbunt created together with physical performers , artists and a musician a performance where body, music and image are melting together to an associative whole. A mondriaan painting starting to become alive, light footed accompanied by an accordeon. | Concept and direction Babette Verbunt | Performance Pauline van Kalkert , Marielle kleyn Winkel , Mies de Waal| Music and performance Joost Martijn de Jong| Dramaturgy Helena Hoogenkamp | Stage design Maren Banus, Annemieke Goudriaan en Yenl van Stokkum | With special thanks to Lindai Boogerman , Cecilia Rebergen, Jorn Laponder , Eddy Vogel, Ingrid Wollff and het fantaziehuis Zuilen. Duration : 30 minutes | KUBUS | performed at the Berenkuil en will be touring in 2014 / 2015

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